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Kate asked what I used to keep my camera going on the JMT, so here it is. We bought this almost on a whim like two days before we left for the trail. If you couldn’t tell it is a solar panel charger, and basically when it wasn’t raining or hailing, one of us had this strapped to our pack to absorb all those powerful rays of sunshine. It actually worked very well and because I took like 1600 pics I needed to charge my camera at least every other day. We also used it to charge the cell phone a couple times, although since we never had service it wasn’t actually helpful/functional. (For reference this is only 14 in long when it’s open, so it’s not very big, they do sell a larger more powerful one as well)

  1. usualchatter said: This is great. I’ve been looking for this kind of a solution for a while, a solar panel I can strap to my pack, but nobody has been able to say that it works effectively yet.
  2. kaonicks said: Cool!
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